Young Labour

Young people may feel that sometimes they don’t have the chance to talk about issues that directly affect them.
The Milton Keynes Labour Party want that to change; we’re keen to understand how young people are affected by local issues. We have a number of local young members who are keen to have their voice heard amongst the crowd and who are regularly active in local campaigning and events. It’s a chance for our younger members to learn about The Labour Party, our values, and exactly what issues Milton Keynes citizens find themselves up against.

The Milton Keynes Labour Party values its young members – these guys are the leaders of the future! We are determined to have equality in our party – and that means making sure young people are able to express how they feel too.

If you have any questions or would like to know about Young Labour group meetings, campaigns or social events please contact: Campaign Organiser Jack Jackins:


Young Labour at Houses of Parliament with Andrew Pakes